Lash lift curls your lash from base to tip so that you can see the full length. No matter how much mascara you layer on, sometimes lashes just need an extra boost. For those looking to shave a little time off of their morning routines, this might be a treatment to consider. All lashes have a natural shape to them, so this process alters that shape via a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution. The whole thing to take about 45-60 minutes.The results typically last four to six weeks, lashes can be long or short, but must be at least a 4mm to getRead More →

Of course! not all are lucky to have long and thick lashes but here are some simple tricks and tips by which you can get strong and thick lashes and can make them more attractive . Always use clear primer before applying mascara to get extra long lashes. Many of us uses eyelash curler here’s a way to make it more effective ‘Before using your eyelash curler, heat it with the blow-dryer because getting it hot  will  make your curls lasts longer . Comb your lashes before applying mascara to prevent dumping. Using lemon peels can add volume to your eyelashes. Take a small amountRead More →

Here are some tips that can help you making your eyelashes look more good and attractive – Green tea – The antioxidants contained by green tea have the power to restore your eyelashes. Prepare a cup of green tea take a tablespoon of brewed tea, when it has cooled down and apply it onto your lashes with a cotton ball. Olive oil – As we all know that olive oil promotes hair growth it’s a fact that it also helps in eyelash growth. Dab a drop of olive oil on your fingertip and massage the eyelids for a minute. Wash your eyes with warm waterRead More →

Beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows are one of the hottest beauty trends and nothing has the power to dramatically alter your appearance like a perfect set of brows, or we can say that eyebrows are the pillars of your face. Eyebrows create more balance to your face and help your features look more defined and for maintaining your brows you have to take some necessary steps towards it like grooming your eyebrows on a regular basis it helps your brows look neat and clean, and if you have thick brows use tweezers in every couple of days. But as we know tweezing can be painful soRead More →

Beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows are one of the hottest beauty trends and for a clean and neat look for your eyebrows, it is important to attend to them regularly. If you have thick brows that grow quickly, you may need to use the tweezers at least once per month. You will notice a big difference in your face after you start taking care of your eyebrow. If your eyebrows don’t meet trends for thickness. You can always try to grow thicker brows. Before going to bed, try massaging your eyebrows for 3-5 minutes using castor oil, or olive oil, for faster hair growth. Also youRead More →

Combing improves blood flow and stimulates hair growth. Use a special brush or a thoroughly washed brush and brush your eyelashes to the tips for 5 minutes twice a day   Castor, coconut, and olive oils contain fatty acids that keep eyelashes healthy. Put a drop of oil on a clean brush, and apply it to your eyelashes before going to sleep.   Petroleum jelly soothes and moisturizes dry eyelashes carefully apply a little petroleum jelly with a brush or a finger before going to bed.   Massage improves eyelash nutrition and stimulates their growth. Apply a few drops of olive or coconut oil to your fingers, and massage eyelashesRead More →

1. Use Flesh-toned Eyeliner To Brighten Eyes 2. Coat Your Eyes With Sheer Color For An Instant Pop 3. Brighten Your Under-eye Areas 4. Wear A Waterproof Mascara For A Lash Look That Lasts 5. Look After The Skin Around Your Eyes 6. Always Curl Your LashesRead More →

  1. Comb your eyebrows lightly in an upward direction, which will lift the hairs and give your eyebrows some volume and 2. In night before bed, apply the oil on your eyebrows and massage in for a minute or two, so before leaving it to work its magic overnight. 3. Wait at least six weeks in between plucking, threading, or waxing your eyebrows. 4. If you have lighter or darker hair, you can lighten or darken your eyebrows as needed to get a closer shade to your hair color. 5. Use two colors for a very natural eyebrow look.Read More →

1. Use Waterproof Mascara. 2. After Painting Your Nails, Use Ice Water To Help Them Dry Faster. 3. Sleep On Your Back To Avoid Waking Up With Puffy Eyes In The Morning. 4. Use Invisible Lip Liner. 5. Don’t Wax Or Thread To Ensure You’re Getting The Perfect Eyebrows Shape. 6. Hydrate Dry Skin With Coconut Water. 7. Make A Natural Beauty Mask To Restore And Hydrate Tired Dull Skin. 8. To Brush Down Flyaway Hairs, Use A Clean Makeup Spoolie. 9. Apply Eyeliner Pencil To Your Upper Waterline To Give The Illusion Of Thicker Eyelashes. 10. Wet Your Eyeshadow Brush With A Setting SprayRead More →