Lipo (mic) injections

Lipo (mic) injections
Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) Injections, also referred to as Lipotropic Injections, are used to help release fat throughout the body by specifically targeting primary fatty deposits.
Our Lipo MIC Injection is a fat-burning injection containing the key 3 lipotropic catalysts: methionine, inositol and choline.
Methionine– assisting in the breakdown of fats within the liver; helps to lower cholesterol thereby preventing excess fat buildup in the liver and throughout your body’s system. Helpful in preventing and relieving fatigue.
Inositol – The “I” in MIC Injection, is a B-vitamin thathelps the liver remove fat, and participates in the action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to control mood and appetite.
Choline – The “C” in MIC Injection, is an essential nutrient that helps to support the liver in its processing and excretion of chemical waste products.
Our Lipo B is our MIC Injection combined with B12. In combination they exhibit more lipotropic activity than when administered alone.
This form of B-12 vitamin used in our Lipo-B injection boosts energy and overall metabolic rate; assists in the burning of stored body fat; detoxifies the body; increases red blood cell production; maintains a healthy liver; helps regulate sleep, mood, appetite and energy; and slows aging.
Our Lipo C is our MIC Injection combined with
Thiamine HCl (vitamin B1)
Dexpanthenol (vitamin B5)
L-Carnitine is an amino acid required for the transport and breakdown of body fat for energy. L-Carnitine can decrease fat mass, preserve muscle during exercise, and reduce muscle fatigue.When taken orally, L-Carnitine requires a high dose to promote fat tissue breakdown.This is because only a fraction of carnitine is absorbed during oral digestion. When administered by injection, L-Carnitine are completely absorbed by the body.
Do Lipo Injections Result in Weight Loss?
Lipo injections will help you lose weight provided they are used alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime. With an increased level in energy, you will be able to exercise more vigorously to burn fat. As you burn fat more quickly, you should see results faster than you normally would. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A lipotropic injection is an intramuscular injection of vitamins and amino acids. There is no standard lipotropic shot out there, as the actual formulas tend to vary based on the medical provider’s experience. We offer a customized ingredient blend that has been developed under pharmacists to pack the best nutrition into one clean combination.

  • For many people, a vitamin injection is a safe way to replenish the body’s vitamin stores. It is not always easy to prepare the best foods to ensure that we are getting adequate vitamins in our diet. As a result, many people likely suffer from mild vitamin B12 deficiencies and may not even know it. While some people try oral supplements to replenish their levels, many feel that an intramuscular vitamin injection works better for them. Reported benefits from our patients include improved sleep, more energy and a better body fat distribution.

  • In contrast to oral supplements, a direct lipotropic injection involves getting the vitamins injected directly into your muscle. While this sounds painful, it actually is relatively painless for most people. One good part about getting a vitamin shot in this way is that you bypass any absorption issues that your gut might have, leading to a full dose in your body.

  • We recommend getting shots from a reputable place. There are many reasons why someone should not get a vitamin shot (we screen everyone before administering one) but, for the most part, they are very safe and any excess vitamin will be excreted by your body.

  • At most, we recommend getting our Lipo injection once per week. If you find they work for you, we recommend getting one at least once per month. These are just guidelines as the best thing you can do is pay attention to how your body feels after you get the vitamin shot and when you notice any effects wearing off.

  • While vitamin shots like B12 and lipo are injected into a muscle (intramuscular), IV vitamin injections involve placing a needle in your blood vessel and administering vitamins and minerals directly into your blood. Because of how our bodies work, some vitamins and minerals cannot be absorbed from an intramuscular injection. If you are interested in IV vitamin hydration, please check out out our IV Nutritional Therapies.


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