Long & Thick Lashes


Of course! not all are lucky to have long and thick lashes but here are some simple tricks and tips by which you can get strong and thick lashes and can make them more attractive .

  • Always use clear primer before applying mascara to get extra long lashes.
  • Many of us uses eyelash curler here’s a way to make it more effective ‘Before using your eyelash curler, heat it with the blow-dryer because getting it hot  will  make your curls lasts longer .
  • Comb your lashes before applying mascara to prevent dumping.
  • Using lemon peels can add volume to your eyelashes. Take a small amount of dried lemon peels and soak them in castor oil or olive oil for a couple of days. Apply this mixture to your eyelashes and leave it overnight. Lemon peels contain vitamin c which is helpful in protecting your hair follicles from inflammation, toxins, and infections that are inhibiting your hair growth.
  • Do not wear waterproof makeup as it needs more efforts to remove it from your eyes that can damage your lashes.

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