Eyelashes Extensions

Single strand applications using surgical grade glue are
personalized for each client’s individual preference.
Mink…Set – $350 2 week Fill-in – $75- 3 weeks $85
Synthetic Mink…Set – $200 Special $99 2 week  Fill-in
$55 – 3 week Fill-in $65
Silk…Set – $200 Special $99  2 week Fill-in $55 – 3 weeks
3D Glam (add-on)…Starting at $25 additional cost
Lower lid (silk or synthetic mink)… Silk – $35 Mink – $50



Semi-permanent synthetic hairs help redefine eyebrows by 
filling in gaps and scarring, full reconstruction, or just 
adding thickness for an overall fuller brow. 
Scar or gap fix…$50 
Waxing or threading fix…$100 
Partial rebuild…$150 (touch-ups start at $50) 
Full rebuild…$200 (touch-ups start at $75) 

Reiki services
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, promoting healing through the idea of an unseen “life force energy.” For more information about Reiki, visit
Reiki facial and massage…60-minute treatment includes aromatherapy facial massage to improve texture and combat aging, as well as an oil and cream massage of the face, neck, legs, and arms….$110
Reiki add-on…Reiki treatment enhances the atmosphere by creating a flow of glowing radiance…$15
15-minute Reiki healing treatment…15-minute treatment rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit for your overall wellbeing…$25

Lash Botox
Organic last Botox is the most advanced/repair and nursing formula. It also plums the lashes up to about 40 percent. It repaired the damage the broken eyelash fibers.  Can be used as a standalone treatment or with the lash lift and tint. $55 alone.
$40 as an add on to any lash service


Waxing- Men and Women
Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. …

Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face,  bikini waxing, legs, arms, back ….call for pricing


Makeup applications focus on enhancing each client’s own beauty, creating a flawless look and inner glow. Appointments can be booked for individuals or groups.
Full makeup application…$80
Bridal makeup…….$100


Lash or Brow Tint

Classic Set $99
*Set with fill $125
 *Set with 2 fills $155
*Set with 3 fills $182
*New client
Lash lift $99
Lash lift with tint $120

CBd Facial $100 or series of 3 $270; mini $60 series of 3 $165

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, smooths skin/wrinkles, alleviate dry skin puffiness dark circles, bags, it’s rich in vitamin A, C & E, slows down the aging process great for acne, great for firmness and elasticity and helps to maintain skin’s balance.


Eyelashes Extensions
Single strand applications using surgical grade glue are personalized for each client’s individual preference.
Mink…Set – $350 Fill-in – $75
Synthetic Mink…Set – $200 Special $99  Fill-in $55
Silk…Set – $200 Special $99 Fill-in $55
3D Glam (add-on)…Starting at $25 additional cost
Lower lid (silk or synthetic mink)… Silk – $35 Mink – $50

Mink Lashes
Real mink is softer,looks very natural.

Eyelash training 

Learn the art of lash extensions!! We offer a day training class.  This is the best way to learn and experience the new skill and increase your income. The course is open to estheticians, cosmetologists and health care professionals. Fee: $650 (includes kit)







Rf Facial w/EMS $125 or series of 3 $300; mini $75 series of 3 $200

Radio Frequency Deeply warms the skin. Skin cells produce heat after receiving RF producing collagen thus would enhance elasticity, to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Add on CBd products $30
Cell Regeneration
Stimulate Collagen Pain Relief
Remove Fat & Cellulite
EMS electrical muscle stimulation technique
Uses electrical muscle stimulation to activate facial muscles. EMS helps firm muscles, to tighten skin and remove fine lines.
Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkle Increase Circulation to specific areas
3. Vibration massage


Smylexo Teeth Whitening $49.99

Since its founding, SMYLExo has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Due to our carefully crafted teeth whitening formula, we deliver the highest quality teeth whitening results, with only one 20 minute treatment!